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Roll with the best.

Easy-Strike offers top of the line, quality products for both the pro shop and the bowler. Whether you are looking for cleaners and polishes, inserts and ball plug, accessories, or fitting and layout equipment, Easy-Strike will meet your needs.

At Easy-Strike we continuously strive to supply pro shops and bowlers with top of the line products for the highest possible performance. We will continue to research, develop and supply additional products. We are always interested in your requests and comments. Please contact us to let us know how we can better serve you.

Featured Products

  • Wizard EZ Plug

    Easier to use than any other plug on the market!

  • Ultimate TLO Finger Inserts (10 Pack)

    Tour Lift Ovals (TLO) Finger Inserts. Sold in sets of 10.

  • Ultimate Thumb Interchangeable

    Simple, durable and reliable unique two-piece system.

  • Black Magic Rejuvenator Cover-stock Cleaner

    Your first line of maintenance.

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