Quik Kut Polish

Easy to use, one-step product.


Quik Kut is an easy to use, one-step coverstock polish equal to 500 grit sandpaper and can be used on all coverstocks to enhance the ball’s performance. It will quickly remove sanding lines from 320 grit on resin balls and take them to a 500 grit surface, sanding and polishing in one step. Quik Kut can be used on all coverstocks and should be used on a ball spinner.

See for yourself why Quik Kut Polish is a “mainstay” in so many Pro Shops around the world.

Available in single or dozen packs of 8 oz retail bottles as well as quart bottles for Pro Shop use.

Sizes & Part Numbers:

8 oz Bottle – 66-450034-008
Quart Bottle – 66-450034-032
Twelve – 8 oz Bottles – 66-450034-812