Ultimate TLO Finger Inserts

Tour Lift Ovals (TLO) Finger Inserts. Sold in sets of 10.


Ultimate Inserts. Game Changers.

Our state-of-the-art Tour Lift Ovals (TLO) Finger Inserts are made with a quality material which has properties that produce a comfortable and proper fit. This is vital for a clean release and allows bowlers to perform at the highest levels. Not to mention, a proper fit can help bowlers add revolutions. Our high-performance inserts produce a consistent, reliable feel, allowing bowlers to focus on…Relax, Release, Repeat.

The texture of our finger inserts has raised the bar within the bowling industry. Because of our core-business, we are able to manufacture materials used in the molding process, allowing us to control product integrity, quality and cost.

Our styles, textures, colors and sizes will ensure bowlers get the fit and feel they deserve. Ultimate TLO Inserts are available in 32 sizes and 11 vibrant colors. Grips ordered and sold 10 to a bag.

7/8″, 31/32″ and 1-1/32″ Outside Diameters

Recommended Inserts Maintenance: Replace finger inserts every 60 games or a minimum of 3 times per year, depending on how often you bowl.

Ultimate Super Soft Inserts – NOW AVAILABLE!

Our Super Soft inserts are designed for those bowlers who prefer a softer insert that will provide a consistent feel on every shot. Ultimate Super Soft Inserts have a soft oval on one side and a soft lift on the other side. Ultimate’s TLO & SSTLO Inserts truly are THE NO RIP GRIPS. Available in black only.

Part #s: Tour Lift Oval Inserts

Part #s: Junior Tour Lift Oval Inserts

Part #s: Super Soft Tour Lift