Ultra Clean Gel Cleaner

USBC approved for anytime use.


Ultra Clean’s new and improved formula will remove all black rubber marks, oil and lane debris in one easy application. It’s a thick gel so it doesn’t “run” to the bottom of the ball. It stays where you put it long enough to grab a towel and clean.

Apply Ultra Clean Gel Cleaner directly to the stubborn black marks for easy removal. Contains no abrasive, alcohol or solvents.

Available in single or dozen packs of 8 oz retail bottles as well as quart bottles for Pro Shop use. Ultra Clean is USBC approved for “Before and After Use”.

Sizes & Part Numbers:

8 oz Bottle – 66-450036-008
Quart Bottle – 66-450036032
Twelve – 8 oz Bottles – 66-450036-812